My Equipment

from left to right - Wayne Naus, Lee Walkowich, Irma Calicchio, Chris Calicchio.

King Super 20 Dual Bore, Symphony Silversonic, model 1049S
..... .One piece Sterling Silver bell
Serial # 431125.
See the Photos.

Kanstul Bb trumpet - model 1503 - silver
Bach Bb trumpet - 37 regular weight bell, large bore - silver
Holton Bb trumpet -model ST308S - silver
Calicchio Flugelhorn - silver
Old’s Flugelhorn - brass
Yamaha 4 valve Piccolo trumpet - silver
Marcinkiewicz, Bobby Shew Model E10.3 - 1.25
Bach 7E mouthpiece -classical
Marcinkowitz - E12.4 mouthpiece- Lead
Giardinelli Clark Terry model flugelhorn mouthpiece

Special thanks to the Rayburn Music Co., Lee Walkowich and David Ginott for making this equipment available to me and to the entire Boston music community. Your contribution over the years in providing Boston musicians with the most complete selection of Brass and Woodwind equipment will never be duplicated again, anywhere, at anytime. Boston musicians will always be indebted to you……. many thanks!!!