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Formed in 1998, this seven piece group’s original music fuses technology and improvisation with varied musical styles and rhythms which reflect Americas diverse melting pot of multi-ethnic influences. Integrating spontaneous group and individual improvisation with electronic sound processing and effects, the music takes each listener on their own unique journey through time and space. The group draws on each member’s individual spiritual, musical and creative sensitivities in an interaction which ultimately translates into Moksha or “liberation” through sound. The performance format used by Moksha is different than the traditional tune-break-talk format. Moksha’s performance set is typically 45 minutes to 1 hour in length with no break. While much of the music consists of spontaneous individual and group improvisation, each set is structured with three short compositions. Each composition serves as a rhythmic, melodic and harmonic starting point for the next area of improvisation. Although the music has its roots in Jazz, the term Jazz or fusion does not adequately describe the style of our music. In an attempt to catagorize the music of Moksha, we have created a new category which we call “Contemporary Urban Soundscapes”. Ultimately,we prefer to say that....

“ It’s not about a style.....it’s about an adventure ”.

We would also like to say that....

“ we do not recreate music....we create it “.

When the venue permits, computer generated visual images combined with slide imiges taken from the Hubble SpaceTelescope are projected behind the band. These neutral images serve to draw the listener into the music and at the same time provide a visual stiumulant which helps to propel each listener on their own journey through an ever changing landscape of sight and sound.

Wayne Naus

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