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Mind Travel

ďItís not about a style...itís about an adventureĒ. A musical adventure that tells a story. The story is a personal one unique to each listener. The story is a journey through the past,present and future. A journey inward and outward. An exploration of questions and answers. About established beliefs. About truths and non truths. About things hidden from view, about things to come, about who is you and who is I. The music takes the performers to unexpected places, into uncharted waters. Explorers discovering new lands. Travelers through the last frontier, the mind, the self, the I, the who, the why. Observing, as we travel through a timeless landscape of sight and sound. Neutral images projected onto neutral sounds create a backdrop for mind travel. Through forgotten doors, through locked doors, through dreams yet to come, through the corridors of time, past, present and future. Itís not about a style....itís about you, itís about me, itís about we, itís about this place, this time, itís about now...itís about Moksha.


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