Wayne Naus' Book

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Wayne Naus' Book

Wayne Naus' Bio











Wayne Naus' Book

Wayne Naus' Bio











Wayne Naus' Book

Wayne Naus' Bio













Six of the seven musicians in Moksha are full time faculty members at Berklee College of Music in Boston MA. Each have performed, toured and recorded with numerous name bands and artists over the years. Below, each member of the band makes a brief comment about the music and lists the equipment they use.

Wayne Naus-Electric Trumpet, Composer, Leader

“The music of Moksha helps to create a balance between my outside and inside world”.

Digitech DHP55 Five Part Harmonizer
Alesis Midiverb 2
Lexicon Reverb
Electro Harmonix Ring Modulator
Seck mixing board
Bach trumpet
Marcinkiewicz E12.4 mouthpiece
Callichio Flugelhorn
Giardinella Clark Terry Flugel mouthpiece


Dino Govoni-Tenor Sax Visit Dino's Web Site

“The music of Moksha is a mix of spontaneous improvisation and composition. Sometimes it’s planned, most of the time it’s not. Each member contributes to the whole. One minute I’m the soloist, the center of attention, the next moment I’m swept away in an ever changing landscape of sight and sound.......destination unknown”.

Selmar Mark 6 90,000 Series Saxophone
Otto Link and Phil Barone Mouthpieces
Rico Reeds


Joe Mulholland - Synthesizer

“ Moksha...Sonic Landscapes of the highest order. The whole spectrum from
infra-red to ultra-violet, from microchips to a 19th-century industrial grind. The vortex beckons...”

Kurzweil controller
AlesisQR synth module
Big Briar Etherwave Theremin
Crybaby wah-wah pedal
Roland keyboard amp

John DiSanto- Drums

“Being the drummer in Moksha is like flying in an airplane where sometimes I am the pilot in control.....other times I am a passenger in an uncharted journey”

Mapex Drums
Zildjian cymbols
Ride 20’’
Crash 18’’, 16’’
Swish 18’’, 20’’
Splash 8’’
Hi hat 14’’

Michael Farquharson-Bass Visit Michael's CD Page

“ I can truly say that playing in Moksha is one of the most rewarding musical experiences that I have had. What I particularly enjoy is the spontaneity and the fact that we never know what we are going to do next. As a result,when I listen to our recordings, they are like listening to albums that I have never heard before because the music is of the moment. The fact that we play without rehearsal and without many preconceived notions of what we will do, allows the freedom to explore collectively. The way we listen and approach the experience is altogether different from the usual recordings that are rehearsed and can, at times, sound somewhat worked out.
Another great pleasure is the great musicians that comprise the band. All of them are amongst the finest musicians that I could ever hope to play with. As a bassist, I particularly enjoy playing with the drummer John DiSanto. We seem to communicate on a very intuitive level and respond to each other very quickly. All of the other musicians are great improvisers, wonderfully musical and all help to lead the music in the marvelous directions it seems to take”.

Yamaha BB1200 bass guitar
Galien Kruger RB200 head

Bob Schlink-Viatar Visit Bob's Viotar Page

“ Moksha is one of the hippest projects I’ve been involved with. It is at once challenging and liberating .... it is an excellent setting for the Viatar. It’s what happens when you get a group of accomplished improvisers in a room and give them some space”.

Prototype 40 fret solid body Viatar ( a hybrid instrument combining guitar tuning, scale and fingerings with the bowing capabilities of the Violin).
Roland GP 8
Korg ReverMesa Boogie.50 caliber head
Carvin 4x12 or JBL 1x12 speaker cabinets

Berke McKelvey-Atmospheres

“When I create music with Moksha, I am committed to finding the perfect balance of sonic perspective and density. It is a conversation between creative beings whose language is sound and silence”.

Alesis mixer and AirF/X
Digitech DHP-33 digital harmony processor
Nord Micro-Modular synthesizer
Technosaurus analog synthesizer
Roland Hand-Sonic control surface
Yamaha RY-9”Big Jam” and QY-70 modules
Phat-Boy MIDI control surface
Casio VZ-8M phase distortion synthesizer
Kawai K5 additive synthesizer
Various other effects and samples gathered from field recordings,commercially available libraries, and off the internet.
Laptop PC computer running various shareware, and commercial programs to create arpeggios, real-time signal processing, sample playback, and internal sound generation”.


Vassuha Vassyuk-All audio and sound FX, Co-Producer

“Mixing and recording the music of Moksha has been my biggest engineering challenge so far. Each time I mix a piece I hear something new. I feel I am a sculptor standing in front of a granite block. Somewhere in the block there is an image I need to find. There is so much happening in the music that each piece could be mixed indefinitely. After weeks of mixing each performance, I need to stand back and experience the music as a whole, and realize, it’s done”.


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