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Wayne Naus' Book

(excerpt from the Preface)

I n 1993 I began developing a harmonic analysis course at Berklee College of Music focussing mainly on the unique melodic, rhythmic and harmonic characteristics of the contemporary jazz and fusion group, the Yellowjackets. In the course, a comparative analysis was also made with other composers such as Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Pat Metheny, Scott Henderson (of Tribal Tech), Bill Evans, Mike Brecker, and Eddie Gomez. It became apparent that the music written by these composers shared similar harmonic and melodic characteristics which made their style unique but much different from traditional standard tune-style composition. Having come from a more traditional background myself, I quickly discovered that the criteria which I used to identify and analyze the characteristics unique to standard tune composition was inadequate to justify and analyze the characteristics in tunes written by the aforementioned composers. Through the process of teaching the Yellowjackets course, a new set of criteria began to emerge which more accurately reflected the characteristics unique to the music of these composers...........

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